i can go the distance

Kylie's Birthday

Needed my DH to help me run my slow 1 km tonight. I’m so thankful to him for coming with me just incase I had another dizzy spell like in my run yesterday. As you can see I only accomplished 1 km but at least I ran and my streak is still good!

  • Distance: 1 km
  • Time: 8:20

It was the slowest I have actually ever run any distance but there is no shame in that when you are struggling to do anything but sit down. I loved running with my hubby at my side and I hope when I’m feeling better we can start to go out running together more often!

The weather tonight was amazing, so cold and it made my cheeks tingle. I only wish I was well enough to do a proper run in such cold conditions to enjoy it and get its full benefits. I’m sure the cold would have helped a lot.

Shout out to my amazing sister, Kylie, for it is her birthday today! I just love her to bits and there are no words or actions to show how much I love her. Thanks Kylie for always being my best friend, for getting me through some hard times and having fun with me!! She is an author and illustrator and if you’re keen to see her work and blog its at authorkylie.com.

Happy running – Melissa


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