the run won’t beat me!

Another day and another 3 km run. My DH has started running and tonight he ran 3.07 km in 22 minutes. I’m so proud of him! He is taking the slow and smart approach to running 5 km in 30 minutes and he is doing a great job. It’s been awesome to see him go from never running ever to this and I can’t wait to see him run 5 km. Makes me think that I’m really not running enough and he will over take me soon!

Tonight was nice but a little warm. We are having some warm Autumn weather and although it’s lovely during the day, it’s making my running a bit sweaty. This was my slowest 3 km all week but I’m ok with it. I’m still not feeling well and it’s a miracle I went out running. I can’t wait to be over all this sickness and get back to running long distances at good pace.

  • Distance: 3 km
  • Time: 20:42
  • Max heart rate: 188 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 162  bpm
  • Pace: 6’53”

I have to go running tomorrow morning because I’m super busy tomorrow so I hope I rest up and have a good sleep tonight.

Happy running – Melissa


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