week thirteen summary

13 weeks down and 39 to go. 91 days down and 273 to go.

Had a bit of a tough week in terms of running. I’m just struggling to do what I used to do and I don’t know why. Nothing has really changed but my running is suffering. As you can probably tell from precious posts I’m feeling a little deflated and not really loving the running like I used to. February was definitely my best month and I wish I could be back to running what I was in that month. This week my kilometres are down and my pace is a lot slower than normal.

  • Distance for the week: 39 km
  • Time for the week: 4:19:01

Week 13 Running Stats

My highlight for the week was running 16 km. It was a very slow run and my slowest time ever but it didn’t matter because I managed to run 16 km. I remember thinking to myself how hard it was and I just wanted to stop! It’s so funny, at the beginning of the run I was thinking I could make 21 km because I was feeling so good. As the run went on I was slowly changing my goal and ended up deciding 16 km was good enough. It was sure hard getting there though and I’m so thankful I made it. I think in last weeks summary I explained how I hope I could make it back to running 16 km. Well I did it, just a lot slower than usual.

I hope that my running gets back to what it used to be. I hope this slump I’m in goes away. Otherwise It’s going to be a long, long, long year of running every single day!!

Happy running – Melissa


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