good morning

Just a quick run this morning. Yes, you read right, I ran in the morning. I’m short on time because I’m helping set up for my dad’s 60th birthday party so that’s why I had to run in the morning. Feels good to get it out the road but I’m just not a morning person. I felt sick while running, almost like I’m going to throw up. Such a terrible feeling and makes running hard.

  • Distane: 3 km
  • Time: 20:09
  • Max heart rate: 192 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 169 bpm
  • Pace: 6’41”

Definitely not a record breaking run in anything but thats ok. Sometimes you just got to go out and do an average run. The weather was nice, a little warm but cooler than last night. Because I ran in the morning I was able to run a different route to what I normally do. Because I usually run so late at night I like to stick to the main roads for safety. This morning I was able to branch out and go in the streets where I haven’t been for a while. It was nice.

Happy running – Melissa


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