week eleven summary

11 weeks down and 41 to go. 77 days down and 287 to go.

Look at that, 50 kilometres. That’s a record for me! Also, over 5 hours of running, that’s also the longest I have ever run over a week. Pretty happy with that. My overall pace is a little slower but that’s because I did two long runs this week. When I do a long run I am a lot slower so it brings down my stats. I’m not fussed; I like to see that I have done lots of kilometres.

  • Distance: 50 km
  • Time: 5:26:47

Week 11 Running Stats

My highlight for the week would have to be running 14 km. I haven’t done a long distance like that for a while and to see that I can still do it is very encouraging. I’m not any faster but it’s such an accomplishment running for a distance like that. I had someone say to me this week that they thought walking was harder than running. It has stuck with me because I completely disagree. If running was easier then everyone would be out running 10 km everyday with no problems!

I’m pretty happy with my efforts this week and I feel extremely blessed that my body is able to endure all this running. God is good!

Happy running – Melissa


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