a cool clear night

post-run melpost-run mel

What a beautiful night! Clear sky with bright stars at a cool 16 °C. At the start I was pretty cool but it only took 10 minutes to warm up. Before I knew it I was as sweaty as usual. I’m not complaining; I much rather it 16 °C than any temperature above it. My DH also went out and did some exercise! I’m so proud that he is getting out and doing some running too. Hopefully soon we can go out and run together.

  • Distance: 8 km
  • Time: 50:24
  • Max heart rate:
  • Average heart rate:
  • Pace: 6’17”

Just an average run tonight. I felt pretty good and kept an average pace the whole run. I think 8 km is pretty good and I’m really happy with my efforts. Another run and another day down in this epic challenge. Sometimes I think ‘what have I got myself into?’ but overall this challenge has been pretty good so far. I’v done over 400 km now and I have to remind myself how amazing that is. I keep wondering how far I’ll have run by the end of the year. So exciting!

Happy running – Melissa


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