week ten summary

10 weeks down and 42 to go. 70 days down and 294 to go.

Well, what can I say about this week? I’ve had some ups and some downs with some great runs and some ho hum runs. Even though Adelaide is finally in autumn the weather hasn’t changed much from summer. This week was still very warm and I was struggling to get through those runs. I wish I could measure in my stats how much sweat I’ve lost over those runs!

  • Distance for the week: 45 km
  • Time for the week: 4:42:44

Week 10 Running Stats

I don’t think I have a highlight for this week. I look back over my posts and I remember that the 7 km run I did on Monday was really good. It felt great, I was fast and my recovery afterward was easy. I’m concerned that my runs went down hill from there and got harder but I pulled through and ran in total 45 km for the week.

I really wanted to bounce back after running such a short distance last week and I’m not sure I did as well as I could have. That’s ok! I’ve got a whole year to get better at running.

Happy running – Melissa


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