bin night

post-run mel

In a post I wrote last week, I declared that 18 °C was the perfect running temperature for me. I decided tonight I was very wrong.  It was 18 °C tonight and I found it too warm. If you were to just sit outside and not move, sure it would be cold but when running it’s too warm. I even had a bit of a breeze and that didn’t seem to help. My DH reckons 12°c will be what I need! I think he’s right, I’m going to need some cold temperatures to get some fast distances.

  • Distance: 6 km
  • Time: 36:47
  • Max heart rate: 203 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 186 bpm
  • Pace: 6’07”

I’m happy with my running tonight. It felt awesome and not too forced like a few runs last week. It was smooth and I focused on my posture and breathing. It definitely helped.

I had some funky smells along the way to encourage me to run faster… gross. Unfortunately it was bin night along the road I run on and I ran past a Chinese restaurant that happened to be putting their bin out just as I was going past. Wow, that’s a smell I never want to smell ever again. Luckily, 500 metres down the road I ran past a laundromat and that has my favourite smell in the world. I love the smell of washed, damp clothes and it completely got rid of the Chinese food bin smell. #runninglife.

Happy running – Melissa


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