run till you can run no more

post-run Mel

What a run! Not what I was hoping to do but still a good effort. I was planning on doing 14 km but my legs couldn’t make the distance tonight. That’s ok though because 10 km is not bad. The weather tonight was real nice. It was 20°c with a cool breeze which was a surprise because today was really humid and I was a little worried about running in it.

  • Distance: 10 km
  • Time: 1:06:00
  • Max heart rate: –
  • Average heart rate: –
  • Pace: 6’35”

I was hoping for 14 km because it’s part of my training for doing a half marathon (21 km). I tried just running for as long as I could, until my legs could run no more! My pace tonight was pretty slow because I was trying to pace myself for a 14 km run. Unfortunately, that didn’t go to plan and only got me the 10 km. Phew, I am feeling it in my legs tonight!

Happy running – Melissa


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