getting it done

post-run mel

Tonight my goal was to make up for last nights lack of kilometres. I was meant to run 8 km yesterday so that’s what I ran tonight. It definitely wasn’t my fastest 8 km ever but it was a steady run and I kept a good pace. The temperature was a little warm at 24 °c so not ideal and I did sweat. It was, however, a beautiful clear night and I’m sure if I was wearing my glasses I could have seen the man on the moon.

  • Distance: 8 km
  • Time: 51:10
  • Max heart rate: 200 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 181 bpm
  • Pace: 6’23”

My legs felt a little rusty tonight. I can’t explain it but I guess the best way to describe it is that they weren’t springy like the other night. I felt like I had to try hard to run. I thought after my short, slow run yesterday that my legs would have recovered enough to fly. I guess not. Oh well, still got 8 km done and I’m proud of it!

Happy running – Melissa


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