week nine summary

9 weeks down and 43 to go. 63 days down and 301 to go.

This week I went in with a plan. My plan was to have a recovery week which meant running my minimum of 3 km everyday except for the day I was planning a long run. I managed to stick to the plan and I’m happy to report I think it helped. In fact, it worked so well that after 4 days of running 3 km I ran 16 km for my long run.

It’s safe to say that running 16 km was my highlight for the week. I’m still a little shocked I ran it because it’s the longest distance I have ever  run. Every week I seem to be running further. Last week’s long run was 13 km so I beat it by 3 km. It was an amazing run and I hope my long run this next week is equally as amazing and easy.

  • Distance for the week: 35 km
  • Time for the week: 3:42:49

week 9 stats

Because my plan was to have a recovery week my stats are way down. I’ve run 14 km less than last week but thats ok because I planned for it! I keep telling myself that. I was a hot week here in Adelaide so it’s been good to have these short runs. I’m looking forward to getting back into normal running this coming week, I just hope it’s a little cooler. I feel like I’ve said that most weeks…

Happy running – Melissa


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