week eight summary

8 weeks down and 44 to go. 56 days down and 308 to go.

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since starting this crazy challenge. The year is going so quickly! It will be the end of the year before we know it.

My highlight for this week is easily running 13 km. It’s the longest distance I have ever run and I feel back on track after completing it. If you have been following my blog you would know I’ve had a tough week of running. I’ve just been feeling extra tired and slow with zero energy. It’s been tough but by God’s goodness, He has pulled me through the hard week and has allowed my last 2 runs for the week to be positive ones. Yesterday I did my longest run and today I did my fastest so I’m breaking records left, right and centre.

  • Distance for the week: 47 km
  • Time for the week: 4:55:07


Overall, I did the same distance for this week as last week but just a tad slower. That’s ok, the main thing is is that I did it! Another week down.

Happy running – Melissa


One thought on “week eight summary

  1. Soooo…still going to take it easy next week :p
    Really proud of you sis. 13km is fantastic! 😀 Yay!!
    Can’t believe its been 2 months. Wow. Where has this year gone.

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