tempo running

Post-run Mel

Lacked motivation to go out and run this morning. My DH even left the house and did some exercise before I could. I eventually went and did some tempo running. Tempo running is when you sprint for an amount of time or distance than slow right down and jog for a time. I ran my normal 3 km and then for the rest of the 7 km sprinted then slowed right up.

  • Distance: 7 km
  • Time: 39:34
  • Max heart rate: 196 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 170 bpm
  • Pace: 5’39”

You maybe looking at my pace and time for the 7 km and think that’s so fast. I agree it is! But I was sprinting for heaps of that then having little rests then sprinting again so it’s not completely accurate. Still, not bad and I will take it since I wasn’t wanting to run this morning.

On another note, how bad are uneven footpaths! I was running in the rich suburb near where I live and you wouldn’t think they would have uneven footpaths but they do. Almost fell face first into the ground but lucky I’m light on my feet and caught myself. Makes me so mad! People wonder why I run on the roads but it’s no surprise that I do. It’s a lot safer on the road.

Happy running – Melissa


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