200 km!

It’s a another milestone today, I’ve reached 200 km! Pretty excited and can’t believe I’ve run that far. Only took me 38 days, but I don’t know if that’s a good or bad or just normal amount of time to run that. Who cares, all that matters is it’s good for me.

My goal today was to run 6 km. After 6 km I wanted more. I knew how many kilometres I would need to reach 200 km overall so I thought to myself why not just run 2 more kilometres. So I did! I kept a good pace. My run today felt better than the 10 km race the other day but I guess thats how it goes: you have your good days and bad days.

  • Distance: 8 km
  • Time: 48:24
  • Max heart rate: 169 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 198 bpm
  • Pace: 6’02”

It was such a beautiful late morning run with not a cloud in the sky. I thought it might get too hot but there was a gorgeous cool breeze that balanced the sun out. Tomorrow is set to be 41 °C. Better set my alarm and get up extra early to beat the heat.

Happy running – Melissa


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