week five summary

5 weeks down and 47 to go. 35 days down and 330 to go.

This week has been a special week since I’ve been away on a holiday with my husband’s family. We have been in a small town in South Australia called Normanville which is by the beach. I have been spoilt with beautiful places to run and weather. It’s been so refreshing to run with different sights. I miss it already.

My favourite moment of the week was definitely when I got a selfie with a horse. He came up to a fence I was running by and wanted to chat. I stopped and gave him a good scratch. So fun!

My distance was down this week because I’ve been preparing for a 10 km race. It’s important the week before a race not to push yourself because you want to be well rested.

  • Distance for the week: 26 km
  • Time for the week: 2:45:32


Wow, when I see my weekly stats I feel like I’ve done no running at all! 2 hours and 45 minutes really doesn’t seem like a long time. Looking forward to pounding the pavement after the race tomorrow.

After running every morning this week I am happy to say that I have become a morning runner. I used to hate it but I can see the benefits and I now enjoy getting up and starting the day with a work out. Hope I can keep it up!

Happy running – Melissa


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