resort running

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Holiday week! My DH’s family and I are having a week in Normanville, which is a country town by the beach in South Australia. We are staying in a resort village called South Shores. It’s so beautiful and I feel so blessed to be here with the people I love.

I wasn’t sure where to go so I ran around the village in circles until I completed 4 km. I ran a bit of the boardwalk that connects to the beach. The views from there were amazing. The sunset was gorgeous and the photos don’t do its justice. I swam a few laps in the pool afterwards and that was just what my legs needed to warm down.


  • Distance: 4 km
  • Time: 24:37
  • Max heart rate: 201 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 177 bpm
  • Pace: 6’08”

The plan for tomorrow morning is to run outside the grounds and see where my feet take me. It might be a little tricky because it will mean going on main roads but I will give it a go!

Happy running – Melissa




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