week four summary



Four weeks down and 48 to go. 28 days down and 337 to go.

Can you believe It’s been a month since I started this crazy challenge. I can’t. It’s gone really fast and it’s hard to believe that there is only 11 months left in the year.

This week was so good. I feel like I’m on the up and up. I believe my body has finally got used to the idea of running everyday because it no longer feels tired and I have less injuries.

  • Distance for the week: 42 km
  • Time for the week: 4:24:07

I’m 1 km down from last week but my pace was better this week so not bad. I have seen all types of weather this week. I’ve run in the humid, cool and sunny. I’ve had my slow days of recovery and also some great distances covered. I’m slowly beginning to get used to morning runs and I can feel the shift in my thinking. I still love evening runs and always will but sometimes it is more practical to get it done first thing. This week I’m going on a trip with my DH’s family (exciting) so my plan is to do only morning runs in preparation for the 10 km race in a weeks time. I will let you know how I go. I’m looking forward to different views and scenery to run in.

Praise the Lord for what he has done in my life this week and pray he continues to bless this challenge.

Happy running – Melissa


2 thoughts on “week four summary

  1. Good Job Mel, always wanted to 🏃 but have been putting it off with various excuses. Your updates have made me realise I need to make a start 😀


    • Thanks so much Meg! I encourage you to ignore the excuses and make a start. It doesn’t have to be much, just starting can be the hardest step. Before you know it you will be reaching your goals 😀 yay Meg!!


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