race simulation



I did a solid 10 km tonight. I can’t tell you enough how important it is to do a long run once a week. It’s just as important as tempo or farlek runs to help increase lung and leg stamina. My run tonight was great. I felt fantastic and tried hard to focus on correct running form and breathing. That helped distract me from my tired legs (27 days in a row).

I had been sitting most of the day, so to warm up for such a long distance my DH and I went for a walk. That really helped and when it came time to run my legs were warmed up and ready.

  • Distance: 10 km
  • Time: 1:04:19
  • Max heart rate: 201 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 169 bpm
  • Pace: 6’25”

I’m pretty happy with my time and pace. I have 8 days left before the 10 km race so tonight was my last long run before then. This week I will focus on short runs to keep up my fitness. I’m still not as fast as I hoped to be but you never know, maybe the adrenaline on the day will push me to go faster.

I had beautiful weather tonight and the sunset was magical. I love sunset runs. As it was going down a bright star came out and I felt like the Wise Men following the star to Jesus, except I was running to nowhere and in circles.



My take aways from today are that I feel fit and able to go the distance. Really looking forward to the race next Sunday!

Happy running – Melissa


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