finally new shoes


My legs were aching last night while trying to sleep and I decided that I have to do something about it and get some new shoes. I’ve been wanting new shoes for ages and for me to bite the bullet. I did heaps of research but it’s so hard to know what to buy without trying anything on.

A family member suggested I go to The Running Company Adelaide. They said they had great service and very knowledgeable with all things running. I wasn’t disappointed.

First off, they took footage of me running in my old shoes and then bare foot on a treadmill. They showed the footage side by side and showed me how they decide what a good pair of shoe is. Apparently, my arch rolls in so I needed a shoe that would support my arch. The idea was that when my foot lands it would keep my leg and ankle straight and alined. I tried on 7 pairs of shoes, all supporting in different ways. Every time I put on a pair I would run on the treadmill for bit and then we would look at the footage to see how well it was supporting me. Next I would go outside and run around for a while because running on a treadmill is so different to the road. I wish I wore my running gear, I got so sweaty and felt so silly running around all dressed up.

It took a while and we went back and forth between shoes but in the end we decided on Nike Air Zoom Odyssey 2. It’s really supportive and when I was running up and down the street to test it I felt like a new runner. I can’t wait to get out and go for a run in them. I think it’s going to improve my running. Hopefully help my shin splints too.



We spoke about the pain in my legs and he seemed to think it has come on because I don’t give myself any rest days. Kind of a problem when I’m doing this challenge. He said I have shin splints and they occur when you get small tears in the area where the lower leg muscle attaches to the tibia (a.k.a. the shin bone). I described my pain and he reckons I’m pretty close to it becoming a stress fracture.  They are caused by actual cracks or breaks in either of the bones in the lower leg, the tibia or fibula. They are serious and can effect your running in the future if not healed properly.

We came up with a plan of action which I’m not happy about. He said I need to rest today and tomorrow then on Saturday go running and see how the pain is. If the pain is worse and unbearable then its a stress fracture and I need to see a sport doctor. If the pain is the same or not as bad then it’s just a shin splint. I don’t know what to do. I know what I should do and rest my legs but my challenge will suffer.

For now, look at my new shoes! The others I tried on had way cooler colours so I’m a little devastated that the perfect shoe for me ended up being black. I was hoping for fluro pink or orange. Never mind, I feel so blessed to finally have new shoes and I can’t wait to get out with them.

Hope this post helps anyone getting some new kicks.

Happy running – Melissa


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