windiest run ever

Taken with Lumia Selfie

The wind tonight was insane! It’s the windiest run I have ever done. One minute it was pushing me forward then pushing me back and then from side to side. I couldn’t open my eyes or my mouth because little gumnuts kept getting in. Even now I am still feeling little crunchy bits in my mouth. I’m calling it, that was the hardest 5 km I have ever run. Not because my lungs or my legs were tired but because of the wind. I was all ready to pump out a fast 5 km but it was impossible to keep my speed when the wind was pushing me back. I felt like I was running in place at some points.

My hair in my selfie tonight is so wind swept. Dashing don’t you think?

  • Distance: 5 km
  • Time: 30:04
  • Max heart rate: 194
  • Average heart rate: 174 bpm

I want to point out that I completed 3 km in 18 minutes exactly. Pretty cool. It’s rare that I land on such round numbers and it’s all even. I felt great tonight. My lungs and legs felt strong. Now that the cool change has well and truly come, I’m looking forward to some more strong runs.

Happy running – Melissa


3 thoughts on “windiest run ever

    • Thanks for your question! It’s a good one. There is definitely a proper way to breathe while running. I’m going to do a post about breathing and running techniques soon, but to hold you over for now here are some quick tips.

      Learning to breathe properly will not only help your performance but also make running more enjoyable.
      1. Nose V mouth
      Some people think you should breathe through your nose and some the mouth. Actually you should try breathing through both to maximise oxygen amounts to your muscles. Breathing through your nose allows for deeper breathing and warms the air to your lungs. Through the mouth relaxes the jaw which lessens the tension through your body.
      2. Breathe deeply
      Focus on breathing through your tummy and not your chest. While you’re running, notice to see if your chest is rising and falling. If it is, it shouldn’t be. Use your diaphragm to breathe deep and make sure you are standing up straight. If you’re slouching you’re more likely to breathe with your chest so every now and again do a posture check. Think tall and keep your chest lifted.
      3. Breathe with your rhythm
      Practice inhaling on LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT foot strikes and exhaling on RIGHT-LEFT. You may have to slow it down and practice this technique but it will be well worth it because this will help oxygenate your muscles.

      Hope this helps!! Keep a watch out for my post about proper running and breathing technique soon.
      Happy running – Melissa


      • Thanks Mel 🙂 I always try to keep my mouth closed and breath through my nose so I don’t sound/look as tired. Sounds like I’m making it worse!

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