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We had some crazy rain this morning and I have been out most of the day and at my parents tonight. I was hard pressed to fit in a run. Luckily, my parents are aware of my challenge and I took all my running gear over to their place and did a 5 km run. It was great seeing my dad and chatting to him and my sister about all things running. That’s my dad in the selfie with me, he’s my running inspiration.

It was nice running in a different area. I grew up there so I ran where I used to run but still different to what I run everyday in my area. The weather was beautiful with no rain. Was quite windy but I always welcome a breeze to cool me down. I was pretty sweaty so it did the job.

  • Distance: 5 km
  • Time: 31:42
  • Max heart rate: 173 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 166 bpm

I didn’t push myself tonight, just wanted to run and see how my pace was. My heart rate seemed to be lower than  usual so maybe I am finally getting fitter, I hope. Looking forward to doing another long run to see how I go. Overall, a pretty uneventful run.

Happy running – Melissa



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