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Recovery is super important when it comes to running. You have to listen to your body and know when to rest. The rest give your muscles a chance to build and when it comes time to do speed work you will be able to complete it easier. I don’t have the luxury to have a day of rest because of the challenge but I can run the 3 km slow to give my legs a break. It was a hot run because today was 36 °C and instead of going out late to beat the heat I had to run earlier.  According to the news, a massive, once-in-a-decade summer storm is coming. Naturally, I wanted to do my run before the storm. I’m a runner, not a swimmer!

  • Distance: 3.50 km
  • Time: 25:12
  • Max heart rate: 185 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 171 bpm

My legs feel tight tonight but I think that’s because I have been doing some long hill runs. I walked for another 32 minutes after the 3.50 km to try and loosen my legs. I hope today is just what they needed.

Happy running – Melissa


2 thoughts on “recovery

  1. You’re very inspiring sister. Getting out in the heat. You’ll get more of a tan than I have :p
    Once in a decade storm is it? I donno, we seem to be having them every week now.
    Maybe I should charge my phone…

    Keep running! Can’t wait for Feb, it’s going to be great. 😀 Yay!


    • Thanks Kylie 😀 you’re so encouraging. Thanks for always reading my blog 🙂 And yes you probably should charge your phone! They reckon the power will go out tonight at some point 🙂 we are totally always having storms!

      Looking forward to Feb too! ❤

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