buying new running shoes

You don’t need much for running, that’s why it is such a good activity to take up. However, there is one essential piece of gear/clothing that you need to ensure a good run: A pair of running shoes. I’ve been researching about why it’s important to have a good pair and how to choose them.

There are some dos and don’ts when trying to buy a new pair. I found this list on Fit Bottomed Girls that explains them.

One of the ‘don’ts’ on the list is not to be a penny-pincher when buying. I find this hard because running shoes are not cheap. If you want a good pair it can cost anywhere from $150 to $300. I’m not rich so I really want to make sure I get the perfect shoe if I’m going to spend that amount. Of course, you could always go to Big W or Kmart and get yourself a pair of $20 shoes but you may regret it down the road. Cheap shoes with no support can lead to injury and an uncomfortable run. You will be spending many hours in them so it’s important to get the best value. Still, $150 is a lot of money but so worth it. Now to convince my husband how important the shoes are.

If you do end up buying some sweet runners, make sure to only use them for running. Don’t use them in everyday life but use them only for what they were made to do. This will extend the life of your shoe and will allow the foam to decompress between runs. That will allow for a more comfy run the next time you lace up.

One more thing, you’re not supposed to celebrate an anniversary with the shoe. Every shoe is different depending on your weight, type of shoe and the surface you run on but most shoes will last on average 450 – 500 km. That may sound like a lot (it is) but if you’re running everyday the km’s add up. Before you know it, the shoes would have clocked up 500 km. Shock absorption is limited as shoes get older.

It’s expensive but from everything I have read it seems pretty necessary. I’m actually looking forward to getting some new kicks, mine are getting pretty thin for my running.

How do you buy a new pair of runners? Comment and let me know!

Happy running – Melissa


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