nice and fast


Solid run tonight. Worked on my speed and did a nice 5 km in 29:25. My pace was 5’52” so If I can keep that up for the 10 km race I will be close to my goal: to beat my dad. Pretty uneventful run apart from a moth to the eye. Its wing got caught in my eyelid and it couldn’t fly away. The dangers of running.

The temperature tonight was perfect and I wish every night could be like tonight.  I walked another 40 minutes after the 5 km to get home which was a good warm down.

  • Distance: 5 km
  • Time: 29:25
  • Max heart rate: 199
  • Average heart rate: 180

Typically my running routine goes something like this: before I leave the house I get dressed in my running gear, make one last stop to the toilet, go outside and warm up my legs. I’ve read a lot about how to warm up for running and stretching is not encouraged. They suggest spending a few minutes doing knee raises, jogging backwards and side to side. After that I go for my run but I always make sure I have some time afterwards to walk for a few minutes. Once home I do a number of different stretches. So far it’s working. I never feel sore and have had no injuries.

Please comment and let me know how your routine goes and if you have any tips, tricks and advice.

Happy running – Melissa


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