first morning run


Taken with Lumia Selfie

It is fair to say I dislike morning runs a lot. This morning reminded me why. Summer in South Australia gets pretty hot and today is set to be 34 degrees celsius which isn’t hot hot but when running it’s impossible. I left the house at 7:30 am thinking that would be early enough but I was wrong. It was really warm and the sun was hot. I guess in summer I’m going to need to get up way earlier to beat the heat. The rest of the week is set to get really hot (max 39 degrees on Friday and Saturday) so its a good time to find out just how early I need to get up and go. I had to go past the water fountain to gulp some water because of the sweat that was leaving my body, unreal! It was dripping off me and soaking my hair.

Todays run was hard. I don’t know if I am still getting over something (sorry, I sound like a broken record) or if it was running in the morning that I’m not used to that was making me feel sick. At one point I had to stop and sit because I felt like throwing up or fainting. I hope this doesn’t continue because I can’t keep running like this. Even a couple hours after I still feel nauseous.

I only ran 3km today but I walked for another 40 minutes to try and keep some level of fitness. I won’t count the walking in my stats though since this whole thing isn’t about the walking.

  • Distance: 3km
  • Time: 22:27
  • Max heart rate: 181 bmp

Not really looking forward to tomorrows morning run since it will have to be earlier to beat the heat. here’s hoping this month goes quickly and this becomes a habit.

Happy running – Melissa


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