my running gear

It’s December 31 and tomorrow I start my epic challenge. I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to take it on and see how my life will change, or if it will change.

To prep for all this running I have got all my gear together (which isn’t much) and I thought I’d share with you what I run in.

I don’t have a lot of running gear and the gear I have is nothing to write about. It’s all inexpensive but it does the job. If I could afford all that awesome running gear like getting a new pair of shoes every three months or super cool running shorts I would get it all but I can’t. Here’s what I run with:

  • Black Salomon shoes from Kathmandu
  • Fila socks with extra cushioning
  • Body grey running shorts from Cotton On
  • Grey sports bra from Big W
  • Grey tank top from Big W
  • Sports armband from Tune Belt
  • Running headphones from Adidas


The Kathmandu shoes I have had for at least 6 years. They are trail running shoes so they have a thicker sole.Usually people say that old shoes aren’t good for your feet and knees. It’s true that after 6 years the soles are wearing away but they are ok for now.

My armband, shorts and socks are from this Christmas as my old ones were getting… old. The Adidas headphones I have had for many years and they are on the way out (they crackle a bit and the sound goes in one of the ears every now and then). I have a feeling it will be my next gift wish. The tank top and sports bra and cheap ones cheapies but they are good enough. Very soon I will be buying a new sports bra because the one I have is losing its elasticity which isn’t great.

Something I have been wanting to add to my gear list is a water bottle running belt. My runs go for over an hour and I am getting so thirsty! I might have to bite the bullet and look for one. I’ll tell you if I find something. I have been running past a park that has the worst the drinking fountain and I hate stopping my run for a drink. No time to rest when I am trying to beat the clock!

That is all the running gear I have. I’m set for tomorrow and for the next 364 days after that.

Happy running and Happy New Year!! – Melissa


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