over midnight run

It wasn't a very long combined midnight run but I'm pleased I did it because I'm able to have a bit of a rest tonight. I went running with my DH and I had a great time. It was so nice to chat to him while we ran because I can get a little bored … Continue reading over midnight run

another 3 km

Distance: 3 km Time: 18:07 Max heart rate: 199 bpm Average heart rate: 175 bpm Pace: 6'01" Tonights run was very similar to yesterdays run. Same thing that I felt very ill after running 3 km so I couldn't run any more. I feel as if I am starting running from scratch but I guess … Continue reading another 3 km

struggle town

Well, things aren't exactly going to plan. I promised myself that I wouldn't write a down in the dumps negative post so I'm going to try and keep this uplifting. I have been pretty sick lately and I've been struggling through my runs just waiting for it to pass. I'm finally seeing the doctor tomorrow … Continue reading struggle town